10 Best Photography Website Designs 2013


I am currently working on a new photography website for AutumnSilviaPhotography.com. So I gathered a list of the best inspiration that I could find. These are not on here because they are my favorite photographers (although most of the photography is amazing) I am focusing more on great, clean web design which is essential for the photography in a photographer’s website to shine. Some are bold others are subtle but all off these are great photography website designs:

1. jeremycowart.com

Very attractive large imagery. With overlay bold white font. This site is large and striking with great transition effects between pages! My personal favorite!

jeremycowart.com Screen Shot


2. cathalmcnaughton.com

The side navigation is great. A bold logo with amazing photography displayed largely. I think I may have found my favorite photographer.

cathalmcnaughton.com/Screen Shot


3. northlandscapes.com

Another website with a great left hand side navigation that includes dark thumbnails. The menu is sort of interface like. You got to appreciate this!

northlandscapes.com Screen Shot


4. ericryananderson.com

Gray tones look great for photo backdrops. The little bit of style with the logo is all you need to have a great photography website.

ericryananderson.com Screen Shot


5. jillgreenberg.com

This website is very Pinterest-esc and poppy. It has commercial feel and is fun to navigate. Great design and photos check it out.

jillgreenberg.com Screen Shot


6. marekmusil.com

This site is BIG, BOLD & Awesome! It moves!

marekmusil.com Screen Shot


7. fredrikclement.com

Built on a grid. Clean, crisp and simple.

fredrikclement.com Screen Shot

8. brentstirton.com

Big slideshow! Very striking photography and intense subjects dominate the screen. This is the simplicity that makes for a perfect photography website. Because of this, there are lots of websites similar to this one.

brentstirton.com Screen Shot


9. bottlebellphotography.com

This one is different from most on the list. It has a fancy look and uses a  gold on black color scheme. Intros can get annoying but if you give this one 10 seconds it successfully helps set the mood.

bottlebellphotography.com Screen Shot


10. jasonbellphoto.com

This photographer’s website has a simple and clean layout. It is easy to navigate and that makes us focus on the photographers great images.

jasonbellphoto.com Screen Shot

If you are a photographer and looking for a website similar to any of the sites above. Don’t wait. Having a great website takes your professionalism to the next level. Contact me at ronpershing.com and lets discuss making your business stand out.

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