Making a Great Design is Like Writing an Awesome Song


Creating a great design solution is not an easy task. It is often time consuming, mentally draining and will drive you crazy. Similarly writing a great song can have its difficulties. The creative process of both are alike for me. Here’s how I do it.

guitarplayer_handsCome up with that initial great riff or catchy melody.

You need to have something unique and interesting that is the center point or eye catching design element that people will not forget. This is the big idea, the thing that comes to you in the shower or just after you wake up. As a designer I am always absorbing ideas and applying them to my list of inspiration. I continue to blend my new ideas with my inspiration and this eventually helps create a great initial idea.

drumsAdd some rhythm and a chord progression.

After you have the initial great idea. You have to back it up with surrounding elements. This is setting the base on which your awesome design will live. It shouldn’t take away from the initial great idea, it should enhance it. You are making it even better by adding contrast, color, organization and structure.

jugglingPlay it a few times over to smooth things out.

You never get it perfect the first time. Go back and take a look at all of the parts. Do they work exactly the way you would like them to? This is normally the hardest part to do when working with clients. Just like music, people have different tastes. Tweak the design here and there until it makes the most sense and solve any problems with smart and similarly styled solutions.

eddie_van_halenAdd an impromptu solo, show off your chops.

The details are what make the design great. Distinguish yourself and make it enjoyable. Try to always push boundaries, if it doesn’t work, take it out. No big deal.

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